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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Dormition Crossword Activity

 Dormition icon from http://www.archangelicons.com 

For excellent photos of the Tomb of the Panagia click here!
A full story of the Dormition and Funeral procession can be found here.


Orthodox Education said...

Here are the answers -
how'd you and your children do?

1. Gethsemane
3. Jerusalem
4. Thomas
6. John
7. Cloud
9. Empty
10. Three
11. Panagia

2. Theotokos
5. Soul
8. Dormition

Ashley said...

Thanks for these great activities!

Anonymous said...

Hi! This might interest you. Text is in finnish, but it's not necessary to understand those writings (although, they teach to "read" icons). Just try and see, how you can create different kind of icons/pictures of Theotokos.


David Ronaldo said...

Good article shared,,
return to God

Agen Asuransi Jiwa said...

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