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Saturday, December 10, 2022

Christmas Trivia 40 Questions

If you're filling 40 little pockets of an Orthodox advent calendar or looking to count the days of the fast with your children, consider quizzing them with one question a day! Here is my list of 40 Nativity Trivia questions! (If you need the answers, I'll post into a comment.) 1. Hebrew name of the Mother of God? 2. Which Tribe from Jacob's 12 sons does Jesus come from ? (Joseph comes from Judah) 3. City of Christ's birth? 4. Whose staff blossomed and why? 5. Explain the Root of Jesse? (Jesse is Father of King David, lineage of Messiah) 6. King at that time of nativity of Messiah? 7. What does Emmanuel mean? 8. Message of angel to sheperds? 9. What was king's decree at that time? 10. Why was Herod threatened by birth of Messiah? 11. What was the gift from heaven for Christ child? 12 What was gift from wilderness? 13 What was the gift symbolizing Christ as King ? 14. What gift symbolizes Christ as fully man who will be buried in a tomb? 15. What does the fatni (manger) symbolize? 16 Where is your cave for Him to be born? 17. What does the darkness mean according to the Holy Father's commentary? 18. Which gift symbolizes Christ as fully God to be worshipped? 19. Who helped warm Christ at His birth? 20. Why are animals present in the icon? 21. Which prophet tells us a Virgin wil conceive a son? 22. Which book of the Old Testament says a star will rise from the East? 23. What time of day could the 3 Wise men see the star? 24. Who could not see the star? 25. Why were the wise men called wise? 26. What payment did Joseph have to go give in the city of David? 27. How old was Jesus when the Wise Men gave Him their gifts? 28. After Bethlehem where did Jesus live? 29. What place does Christ eventually return to after leaving Egypt? 30. Which two Gospels do we read the birth of Christ in? 31. Why is Christ wrapped in the color white? 32. Why were the sheperds first to hear the message? 33. Who was the midwife who delivered the Infant Christ? 34. What is the Orthodox greeting during the Feast of the Nativity (Christmas)? 35. What did Herod want the Magi to do after they found Christ? 36. What does the word 'incarnation" mean? 37. Finish this quote 'God became _ _ _ so that man could become like _ _ _." 38. Which Church father, bishop and Saint wrote that quote? 39. What do we hope the 40 days of fasting will do for us before Christmas day? 40. What does the vigil represent on Christmas eve?


Orthodox Education said...

22. The story of Balak and Balaam in the Book of Numbers 22–24.

" I see him, but not now; I behold him, but not near; A star shall come forth out of Jacob, And a scepter shall rise out of Israel. " (Num 24:17)

Orthodox Education said...

You will find many of my answers typed below the coloring icons here:


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