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Monday, January 28, 2019

Three Hierarchs Lesson & Coloring Icon

Join us to learn more about each individual Saint celebrated during the Three Hierarchs common feastday on January 30th by downloading the handout for free here 
or on Scribd located here

We are coloring, cutting and gluing this lesson along with the many others in our "Orthodox Christian Kids Journals" that can be found at this link:

All files beginning from September have been uploaded for free download!

This method of journaling has created truly beautiful keepsakes for Orthodox youth ages 5 to 18 to help them follow the calendar year of the Church.  Each student has used their God-given gifts in a creative, unique way that has planted the seeds of our faith into their memory.


Anna said...

Hi. I'm trying to download this document from Scribd for my students, but I find Scribd wants me to have a paid account to access it : ( Is there any other way to get these lovely documents free? Thanks : )

Orthodox Education said...

Hi Anna, all documents used to be free. I will check if Scribd changed the policy. If this is the case, I will email you the file. Please send me a message at 'eleniemarie@gmail.com'

Orthodox Education said...

UPDATE: all Orthodox Kids Journal Documents have been uploaded and shared on GOOGLEDOCS for free!


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