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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monthly Curriculum: Orthodox Girls

This year, our parish has designated separate classes for boys and girls ages 10-16.  I thought I'd share our program with you, as it seems to be well received so far. The idea of splitting the genders has  truly allowed us to concentrate on specific issues related to their challenges while also eliminating much of the chatter and drama! We do not have a text per say, but rather a structure that gives us
flexibility yet predictability.

Every month our girls follow this schedule:
  • 1st Sunday: Koumboskinia/Prayer Ropes (Craft & Theology)
  • 2nd Sunday: Chanting (Theology & Hymns from the Divine Liturgy or Feast)
  • 3rd Sunday: Diakonima (The girls can bake, assist, serve, & clean-up at the coffee fellowship- the boys tend to the altar and candles)
  • 4th Sunday: Journaling from the Lives of the Female Saints
Today, as an example, the girls were asked to walk around the church after the Divine Litrugy,
and to write the names of the female Saints that they found on the walls. Afterward, we discussed our vocation to be like these holy women who remind us weekly of virtue and our potential. Our plan is to create small journals that the girls will read a life of a female Saint in, then draw out a few inspiring details from the short story that impacted them. We will be sure to include the patron Saints of the girls in the class so that each can learn her story and share with the others.

If you have other ideas, please share~ It's truly a great blessing to walk along side these pure souls!

Here is the book I assembled at Shutterfly:


idiomaswatson.com said...

Me gusta el sistema de aprendizaje en este tipo. Con esto nos puede dar una educación más eficaz a hijo.

flowersforTeacher said...

Do you have a 'construct a church puzzle activity' with porch, narthex, nave and alter? I thought I once saw it here. Please let me know. Many thanks. -Anastasia

Orthodox Education said...

Dear Anastasia, here is the link for a simple craft activity


It is more to identify the iconostasis and altar icons.
Let me know if you find something else that would be good to use as well on the topic.

Many warm wishes for you~

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