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Friday, December 7, 2012

Why God Became Man?

“You must understand why it is that the Word of the Father, so great and so high, has been made manifest in bodily form."

“Christ has been manifested in a human body for this reason only, out
of the love and goodness of His Father, for the salvation of us men” 

“It was our sorry case that caused the Word to come down, our transgression that called out His love for us, so that He made haste to help us and to appear among us.

“…the human race was in process of destruction… what then was God, being Good, to do?”

“It was unthinkable that God, the Father of Truth, should go back upon
His word regarding death in order to ensure our continued existence.”

“…corruption could not be got rid of otherwise than through death” 

“For by the sacrifice of His own body He did two things: '
He put an end to the law of death which barred our way; and He made a new beginning of life for us, by giving us the hope of resurrection.”

"The word became flesh (that is, man), that the flesh might become God by grace; and He became like us in all things, that we might become like the Word in all of the virtues."

Quoted from 'On the Incarnation' by Saint Athanasios the Great. Read the whole treatise here at this link.  The above theology has been adapted for a curriculum located for free at this link. 

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