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Monday, October 5, 2009

2009 Orthodox Events

There are several excellent Orthodox events happening around the U.S. this fall. I encourage everyone to check the list recently posted here for something near you, in the hopes that maybe you will be enriched spiritually in the great struggle for our salvation.

This has been passed on to me, and I share it with you.
Here are a few sample topics:

  • Building an Orthodox personal life, home and parish
  • How to be a clergy wife and still go to heaven
  • Care for the severely challenged patient
  • Christ the eternal Tao
  • God's Green Earth: Ecology & Theology
  • Orthodox Thinking on other Religions
  • Being Orthodox on today's college campuses
  • Islam and Christianity
  • A Christian ending to our life
  • Salt of the Earth: An Approach to Peacemaking
  • Orthodox Holy Mothers, Women Martyrs and Women New-martyrs: The Consummate examples of Liberated Women

Once again, for more information click here
to view the appropriate contacts and websites affiliated

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Sorry for comment but I dont know where can I post this in english and I thing that all non-russian orthodox peoples must know about this modern martyrdom:
Unique orthodox missioner priest Daniil Sisoev has been killed in Moscow on Thursday in in the orthodox church by the two gun's shots. He conducted active missionary activity among moslems, stalinists, satanists and other. He was the founder and the chief of the Missionary Center of St. apostle Thomas. It many times received punishment threats. Many of the threatening rejoice now its destructions in the dirty articles in the blogs. My God! Bless and save soul of okilled missioner priest Daniel! And save as from his sacred prayers. Let its martyr feat becomes an example of a Christian life for us.
(sorry for small english)

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