"The solution is to be found through the sanctification of the parents. Become saints and you will have no problems with your children." Father Porphyrios , Wounded By Love

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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Photo Album of Saints

This great idea comes from the Phyllis Onest website. We've found a simple photo album, this one bearing a Cross and Scripture verse on the outside, with standard plastic 4x6 pages on the inside.

Then we've added our favorite Saints to make a personal book to enjoy! It's a nice way to keep small icons protected and organized for fun learning. Plus it has encouraged us to be on the look out for more icons to add. The pages are easy to turn for little ones, and the older kids enjoy deciding who to put where. We kept the desert ascetics together, then the female martyrs, etc... with more room to grow, we've enjoyed this little book during challenging moments in Church, and on road trips. We hope it can be a useful idea to your families as well.


Pres. Kathy said...

I think this is such a great idea! I have had this idea in the back of my head forever. I always see moms in church with these and they use them to keep their children occupied. I think you have motivated me to get going on this project! Thanks!

Michelle M. said...

I love love love this idea! I am definitely going to make this for my kids. It will be great to take to church so that they have something to focus on. We typically bring Orthodox books and their Reader, but this is a another great addition. Thanks!

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