"The solution is to be found through the sanctification of the parents. Become saints and you will have no problems with your children." Father Porphyrios , Wounded By Love

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Homosexuality & Adam / Eve

Here's the truth: Adam & Eve were created and lived in virginity. Yes. That's right. "Be fruitful and multiply" was a result of the fall. There was no marriage. There was no heterosex, nor homosexual needs. They lived as angels.

If we understood our own sexuality correctly, we could see the distortions today based on purely earthly indulgences . Marriages of vasectomies to have as much sex as wanted, exploration before marriage, outside marriage, divorce, homosexuality, beastality ...etc.

Think about it: married couples are expected to abstain during fasting periods and before Holy Communion. Widows are encouraged to live in celibacy, chastity is one of the greatest virtues of self control. Bishops and monastics willingly take on this vow and struggle daily to approach Christ and leave behind pleasures of the flesh. A couple who cannot procreate are no less in value before God, because lying together is not a means to an end, in otherwise this is not their salvation!

Lastly, the ultimate example, Christ came into the world thru Virginity.

Instead, the passion of 'Erota'  has consumed our society and distracted us away from our true calling: We are called to return to Paradise, to be sanctified and freed from all forms of slavery of sin.
(I'd be happy to post additional resources from Church fathers)

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Orthodox Education - Elenie (Poulos) Grasos said...

The Rudder or Cannons of the Orthodox Church prescribe marital (one man and one woman) couples to abstain from sexual relations 40 days before Pascha plus Holy Week, 40 days before Christmas, the Apostles fast, the 15 day fast before Panagias, all major feastdays AND on every Weds and Friday practically throughout the year, plus before approaching before Holy Communion. These are not my guidelines. This is for the sanctification of our marriages and our souls.. That's a lot of "living in virginity".....recommended as our spiritual medicine. That would be helpful to guide young teenagers! Imagine that, chastity

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