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Friday, August 12, 2016

Sunday Lessons for Ages 8-18

From ages 8-18, many questions arise in our youth...especially what are the differences between your students and their friends at school, etc. Catholic vs Jewish vs Protestants, etc... This can be a very influential period in their growth. Absolutely try an anonymous question box in your classroom! Encourage students to submit short strips of questions and pull from the box often for discussion!
Here are two curriculum paths to consider:

Two volumes from SVS Press with beautiful pencil drawings to match each chapter. Would photocopy nicely for the classroom, not watered-down theology!

Discover a deeper Orthodoxy with:
Short lessons with opening prayer, Scripture references, and quotes for discussion on topics like fasting, war & peace, the veneration of icons, the gift of sex, being born again, anger/gossip, what makes a Christian, etc

I'd love to hear from others as well. Please comment with your resources for the pre-teen and teen years! I have even used the above for college OCF gatherings.

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Summer Kinard said...

This is very helpful. Thank you! It's hard to navigate the choices for curricula, and these look great.

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