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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Discovering Virtue

Here is a new workbook on "Discovering Virtue" for our Orthodox youth, probably at a pre-teen or teenage level. I offer it with hopes that it will provide a basic framework to discuss the spiritual life and difficult topics like chastity, humility and obedience,along with activities, a craft, and quotes from the desert fathers.

The document can be viewed as a PDF by clicking here at our Orthodox Education Scribd Group

If you have ideas to develop this lesson further, please share them either through this website of by emailing me at eleniemarie@gmail.com

The icon on the cover is one of many beautiful crafts offered at the Monastery of St John Chrysostomos

"You have to struggle to increase your zeal for God. It should become for you a daily way of life. Struggle for perfection. If you can't gain a drachma, gain at least a tenth of a drachma. Virtues are not acquired easily. There is need of struggling. And know: if we acquire virtue quickly, we shall lose it quickly. Whereas if we acquire it with labor, it doesn't go away."

-Blessed Elder, IERONYMOS of Aegina +1966

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Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thank you for this resource. I'm happy to work through this lesson with my 11 yr old daughter.

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