"The solution is to be found through the sanctification of the parents. Become saints and you will have no problems with your children." Father Porphyrios , Wounded By Love

Monday, September 5, 2011

Godparents Gift and Poem

This short poem was written for a small memory book to be given to my goddaughter on her Nameday. If you would like to also use it in some way, the words can be interchanged from "Bishop" to priest, or use your patron Saint's name instead for example. I hope she likes it on September 26th this year!

Me and My Nouna

This is the story of my Baptism,from many years ago,when I received my guardian angel,as my Nouna tells me so.

Together we went to Church one day,with everyone who loves me, my Mom, my Dad, Yiayia and Papou, Thea and the Bishop too!

In the Narthex we lit a candle, and began to say our prayers, to God they dedicated me, with all my worries and my cares.

My Nouna confessed the Creed, and chanted softly in my ear, the Bishop blessed the water and the oil, as I watched without any fear.

Then they changed my clothes, and into the water I went, three times, covered in oil, with my guardian angel whom God sent.

The Bishop said aloud my name, “Euphrosyne” he called me, in Greek, a name I share with my Yiayia, after a special Saint, who was kind and meek.

As a sign of my Orthodox faith, I was given a cross to wear,
blessed with myrrh, and in four spots the Bishop cut my hair!

After hearing the Gospel, I received Communion dressed in white, in the arms of my Nouna, who prays for me day and night.

Last of all, we went to celebrate, with favors and yummy cake, for all who witnessed me become, an Orthodox Christian for heaven’s sake.

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