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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Orthodox Bracelets

Our Sunday lessons have sure been full of surprises this Lenten season! After Pascha, I sure hope to post all the creative ideas and lessons tips that blossomed according to each theme. Sorry that it's after the fact, but at least it'll be on the web for future years :(   Here's one idea that we'll be using tomorrow based on the Gospel reading from Mark 9:17-31.

We'll be making bracelets from the powerful verse "All things are possible when you believe in God."  Printed on glossy photo paper, I cut these into strips and will use a white label to close them around the wrists of the children. You could use stickers or tape.

I'll use this as the closing activity, after they have heard the re-telling of the Gospel, and have unscrambled the words of the memory sentences (see the Great Lent Lesson Chart).
A special bonus is that these memory bracelets help to reinforce the message with their parents when they return home. You could adapt this for other special verses from Holy Scripture as well.

"Kali dynami" as we finish the second half of the Great Fast.

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flowersfortheteacher said...

Thank you for these, I've printed them and followed your directions for the goody bags we make for the children at church.

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