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Thursday, January 3, 2019

Orthodox Jeopardy

Gather Orthodox Christians of all ages for a fun and interactive game of Orthodox Jeopardy. Created in Microsoft Powerpoint, you'll sing along to the familiar theme songs of the television gameshow while testing your knowledge of the faith. Create teams or play individually. Even set up a laptop and projector screen to host this game at Youth Night or Retreats with popcorn and sleeping bags!
The questions range in difficulty and topics include: The Saints, Art & Architecture, Music & Hymnology, The Bible, Faith & Traditions, Miracles...plus more!

    Click here to download this file from our Orthodox Scribd Group or better yet please e-mail eleniemarie@gmail.com for the most accurate Powerpoint layout since it's distorting quite a bit thru the web. Best results have been had by downloading and opening it in Powerpoint itself.

    This activity is also very adaptable for local traditions, languages, levels of difficulty, etc. Hope you enjoy it~

    1 comment:

    Pres. Kathy said...

    Hi Elenie! This is so cool! For the last three years, Father and I have been making up a Jeopardy game for the kids when we would go on our overnight retreats. We are now in a new parish and this would be perfect to use with the kids. Can you email me the version? I would greatly appreciate it. We will put it in good use. My email is elonacreations@yahoo.com. Thanks so much. I hope you have a blessed Nativity Fast.

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