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Monday, June 1, 2009

A Secular Society

"Secularism is more dangerous than communism. It is religion being ignored."

After some time away from this blog, and more reading on my part, there are things that I have not yet stated on this blog that are of utmost importance to the salvation of our children, who will grow up amongst a secular society. First, let's get them out there in the open...and then secondly we can figure out together how to make sure our kids understand these realities.

Anyone who denies the inseparable Trinity, One in essence and undivided cannot confess to believe in our God, who existed before all ages as the complete Holy Trinity. There are some who say we have the same God the Father, as in the Father of Abraham, however these people deny Christ and the Holy Spirit and therefore can have no commonality with Orthodox Christians.

Today, it is popular for many to seek out experiences of hypnotism, meditation, yoga, horoscopes and fortune tellers. These are all ways of opening ourselves up to spiritual demons that can do great spiritual harm to our souls. At first, they seem harmless or even holy and divine, but this is how we are tricked into participating, and later the darkness of these experiences will be made known. Some even go so far as to suggest that the Holy Spirit transcends all faiths - this is blasphemy. The Holy Spirit was given to the One Church established by Christ, and those outside of it, cannot be in communion with It.

The time is already approaching when we will be led into the idea that for world peace it will be in everyone's best interest to use one bank, one food supplier, one currency, and one watered down idea of "god"... this trap will take many away from the Orthodox faith because people will not understand that they will be denying Christ and led into a system which does not recognize the One True God. We might be asked, "How could you be against the rest of us? Don't you want world peace?"

How sad but true this above statement is, which is why the persecution that our children will face will be that of ridicule, teasing, embarrassment, and the likes. Already...which teenagers can dress modestly, attend Church and keep the holy days holy, remain a virgin, and wear a cross without being made fun of? Despite what thoughts might sneak in to throw us off course, continue fasting, praying, and confessing the Orthodox faith - these things do matter!

Yes, it seems obvious right...isn't everyone familiar with what the Bible says? But look closely at the words of Geronda Paisios who personally wrote on this subject and insisted on the circulation of it in his own handwriting in 1987. He stated, "after the computerized numbering of everyone, (through the bar code, i.d. cards, credit cards, etc)...they can proceed quickly to say on television that someone took the card of so and so, and took out his money in the bank. They will advertise the perfect system, the marking on the hand or on the forehead with laser rays, which will not be discernible externally with the 666 the name of the antichrist."

Lastly, from the past week's Scripture readings, and words of St Paul, "Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers...I know that after I leave, savage wolves will come in among you and will not spare the flock...So be on guard!" Acts 20:28-31

Having openly stated these things publicly, I anticipate that it may stir some feelings, reactions, remarks and possible disagreements. Please respond. Let's share resources and books to further our understanding of these issues so we can pass the Truth on to our children.


Pres. Kathy said...

I truly enjoyed reading your post. Those are some hard things to say sometimes, but they need to be said. I find that as a priest family, people are always asking you something. And if you don;t tell the people what they want to hear, they get upset. My response it that the turth hurts. I hope you are doing well.

::Sylvia:: said...

This is an excellent post Elenie! Thanks!!

Maria said...

Thank you

Athanasia said...

This is a very timely and poignant post. True, it is difficult to take these thoughts and 'own' them but I agree that it is important.

The one I struggle with the most is the one about the "invisible mark." I have read elsewhere this statement by Elder Paisios but have yet to see someone post a source (a book, a url to a copy of the letter, something like that). Though I do not doubt the necessity of vigilance in this area, I question the veracity of the source. Not Elder Paisios himself, but the words contributed to him.

The question that seems to come to mind the most is "How does one avoid it?"

I look forward to others thoughtful comments and sharing of resources.

yudikris said...

Dear Elenie,

I found this wonderful blog of you from Maria. I am so excited with this blog, personally because I am going to be a teaching. I am studying in the university here in Education faculty.

Greetings from an Orthodox friend from Indonesia,


yudikris said...

oops... I see some grammar error in my comment. Forgive me! ('... be a teaching', I meant a teacher...)

God bless you!


Orthodox Education said...

Hi Yudhie - it is wonderful to meet you! If you are by chance in contact with Fr Daniel Byantoro, please give him a giant hug from me ~ he is very dear to my heart.

**Looking forward to hearing about your experiences in Indonesia**

yudikris said...

Dear Elenie,
Surely I will ... Father Daniel Byantoro is my spiritual father here. I meet and call him a little bit often! Thanks so much, for your kindness, Elenie!

Orthodox Education said...

Dear Phillipa,
Thanks so much for your post and for following our dialogue on the blog. I scanned part of the letter written by Elder Paisios that is located in the back of an excellent yellow book I have published in Thessaloniki in 2000 and written by Athanasios Rakovalis, a spiritual child of the Elder for more than 12 years. It was translated by Fr Nicholas Palis and distributed in America by St Nicodemos the Hagorite Publication Society.

Also the bestseller "Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain" written by Priestmonk Christodoulous has this same letter of the Elder translated into English - See page 94-97

Here's another example of the clarity he spoke with...

"Elder, some people say when the Antichrist comes, Christians will not be able to buy food and will starve." He responded,"Well, Christians can live on bread and olives. The ones who will suffer are those who are used to having ten different kinds of cheeses on their tables."

h west said...

This is fabulous. I particularly like the one about 'world peace'. However, your thoughts on 'secular' society are right on too. The scary part for me is that I see these secular ideas reflected in many Orthodox Christians. I go to a 'Greek' Church and I see so many western/secular notions creeping into the lives of fellow believers. I so often feel like a complete outsider in my own Church because I try to avoid secularism.

Tony said...

I'm happy to read this because it's been what I've been pondering on for the past month. Only too recently I had to explain to someone why you can't shrug off all religions as looking for God, since Christ and the prophets are very clear about who God is and how salvation is obtained.

Very recently I spoke with a military chaplain who tried explaining the concept of religion within a government body: they don't want you to have religion, but they want you to have faith. Faith, so long as religion is not present. To me, that says something about our society.

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