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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Can anyone pass along information about a Saint Corina? (Корина) Could it possibly be common amongst Romanian, or Russian Orthodox Christians? This has stumped me.


Cristina said...

Christ is Risen!
In Romania, the name Corina is a frequent one, but I haven't heard of a Saint Corina. The name seems to etymologically come from Greek: "maiden".

Susan Sophia said...

I found this on the OCA website under November 7th.
"The Martyrs Karina and her husband Melasippus suffered during the reign of the emperor Julian the Apostate in the city of Ancyra in Phrygia in the year 363. They were lacerated by iron hooks and died under torture."

Different spelling but it's all I could find.

Susan Sophia said...


Which pretty much says the same thing.

Orthodox Education said...

Fantastic Susan Sophia! Thank you so very much - this is a great help!

natwife said...

Hi Elenie...thanks, I needed the Corina info for one of my sunday school students. The last name on my list is Lucas.....what do you think?


Claude LOPEZ-GINISTY said...

There is also a Celtic etymology (Korventenn meaning hurricane!). One possibility is that that it could be the masculine form of Corentin, st. Corentin being one of the 7 Breton saints. He is from the 5th century, and his feast is on December 5th. St. Corentin participated in the Council of Angers in 453 A.D. and he is one of the founders of the Church of Cornwall.
Claude Lopez-Ginisty


Anonymous said...

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Gea said...

I know that I might be responding bit late, but I came across your posting when I was recently following up on information I read about a Greek saint named Kori (from whom Greeks derive the name "Korina"). Kori lived in Greece when they were under Ottoman control. It is said that the local ruling Pasha wanted her to join his harem and she refused, choosing instead a life of chastity. However, she died somewhere in the area of Mt. Olympus and it has been said that a cause of death was starvation. Other records indicate that she was from the region of Ioanina and it was Ali Pasha who wanted her. I will inform you if I find anything else..hope this helps!

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