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Friday, October 17, 2008

Church & Elections

With topics like Abortion/Sanctity of Life, Homosexual Marriages, Euthanasia, and Human Cloning on the line in this election, I am saddened that our Orthodox bishops and priests aren't saying more to educate the people. I and others fear we are at a point of turning our backs on God as a nation. We cannot vote for the guy we like best, we've got to VOTE ON THE ISSUES. This takes courage to talk about, because it's not the popular thing to do...and for many of us, it may cause friction within our own friends and families. So, I ask you to check out the new survey on this blog and share your thoughts.


Athanasia said...

Thanks for your thoughts. One point that is important to be made. If a priest (or Protestant pastor) publicly endorses any political candidate, they risk their church losing their non-profit (501 c 3) status. This does not mean that parishioners ought not to hear what the Christian thought is regarding issues. It is just a sticky place to be and one must be careful what is said.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you wrote this. One thing that angers me are these "spiritual leaders" turning their pulpits into pure political propaganda. It's very disconcerting b/c I don't believe the church is a place for political stumping. HOWEVER, I do believe in these times our spirtial leaders would do us good by focusing on issues the candidates and nation are focusing on and remind us what the Church's view is on these issues.

Jennifer said...

None of these issues should even be a part of the federal government. Abortion isn't a federal issue, it's a state issue (as is Murder). Same-sex marriage should be a state issue as well. Stem-cell research - this is just a perfect example of how the federal government handles all moral issues - either ban it, or fund it.

We can't control what others do, and we shouldn't try, and neither should our federal government. God gave us all free will, but He told us what was good and what was not. If people can't take this straight from God and do the right thing, what makes us think the federal government can do any better by attempting to FORCE people to do things or not do them, as the case may be?

Our federal government is over extended and overbearing. If they returned to the Constitution, things would be much better, and a lot of these moral issues we're facing wouldn't be a national issue anymore, just local issues which are much easier to manage and much easier to educate people about.

Sorry - you started on politics, and I get wound up on this particular subject. :)

In your survey, I said we should discuss the issues. That's really the best way, in my opinion. But even discussing the issues, the people have to take that information and make their own decision. But we should still educate people.

::Sylvia:: said...

I spoke with my spiritual father concerning this and that is what ultimately made me choose neither candidate. I didn't want the sins of their future decisions on my soul...

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