Tuesday, November 1, 2022

40 Days of Christmas Craft

Each year, we begin decorating our home on November 15, as we begin the 40 day fast for Christmas. It's beneficial for all to begin seeing the transformation around us and within us. 
Here are the 40 days in icons. We're aiming to cut them out, and create an ornament for each day until Christmas. If you follow the old calendar, I can post January as well.

Enhance this activity by chanting the troparion for each day, or paste a short story from the Saints' life on the backside of each ornament.

At this link, many Orthodox ornaments are sold, and you can get a few ideas: http://www.easterngiftshop.com/Category/CO

Paste each icon in the center of a star or snowflake if you wish!  gold star

After you're finished, that's forty ornaments! Plenty to fill a tree!


  1. This is a beautiful idea! Where did you find the small versions of all the icons on one page?

  2. They are from an icon calendar published here:


    We've enjoyed them because they look like the Synaxarion icons, with all the Saints together on one page!!

  3. Are they the saints for each day? If I looked up an English calendar will I be able to work out who they are?

  4. Yes Sarah, the Saints would be included in any new calendar Orthodox Synaxarion (collection of daily Saints commemorated) I enjoy this good online webpage as it combines many into one resource: www.abbamoses.com

    Of course, an old calendar Orthodox would celebrate just two weeks afterward.

  5. If you aren't sure about a day, I'll try to help! Just email me at eleniemarie@gmail.com

  6. Hello miss Elenie, is there any chance to have the image of the icons for christmass, i cant download it. Thank you and blessings from mexico