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Sunday, July 12, 2020

Masks in Church are Blasphemy of Holy Spirit

Christ said that “every sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven” (Matthew 12:31)

Consider with me how un-coincidental it has been that the Holy Orthodox Churches were attacked with the suggestion to implement masks exactly beginning with the Sunday of Pentecost this year. Remembering also when we were told not to venerate icons on the Feast of Icons / Sunday of Orthodoxy.

In today's persecution,  the suggestion that wearing a mask inside God's One, Holy and Apostolic Orthodox Church which is consecrated by God as His House on Earth for us His militant Church is a denial of His protection and blasphemy of the Holy Spirit present within.

In the sermon of St John Chrysostom on Matthew 12 we read that one who denies the Sacraments is involved in a blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. St Paisios of the Holy Mountain also gives a more recent answer that anyone who shows disregard for the Holy things is blasphemy of the Holy Spirit.

Consider....when Chernobyl hit...not an ounce of radiation was found anywhere inside the Orthodox Church although prevalent outside in every other sample...

Swabs have been taken directly from Holy Icons with the saliva of those whom just venerated Gods Holy image...and not a trace of bacteria found....

Lastly, several Saints have emphasized that even the dust off the floor of the Church has been sanctified by the offering of the Divine Liturgy inside those Holy walls...

So I ask you...do we need the mask or do we need the One whose power is above any mask?
Wear your masks at the grocery stores but as for Gods House you can leave them at the door! As parishioners we will answer for our choices- and obedience only applies until someone leads us astray than we who know better must answer.

Let each man search his own conscience


Unknown said...

Very deep and very true!
Lord, have mercy!

Patrachar Vidyalaya said...
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