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Friday, November 30, 2018

Christmas Movie - The Star

Every holy-day season it seems Hollywood introduces a film to smear the true Christmas story and our holy Orthodox tradition with jokes, animation, wrongful depiction and false ideas of the persons of Jesus Christ, Mary, the Magi, etc. Last year (2017), the movie was called "The Star." 

I am convinced that when we "lighten up" and use humor for holy things the end is not entertainment, but a desensitization to holiness and destruction of true faith. It could be otherwise called blasphemy. They have put words into the onscreen mouths of individuals that never spoke them. And what children see.....children believe...
The Star

Alternatively, what children don't see....children will use their imagination to bridge the gap, for example, between what they see in an icon and the story they hear from the Gospel. Who today is explaining that Joseph was an honorable widow of 80 years and not the young strapping boyfriend to the most pure Virgin Theotokos?  (Buy this book here)

Therefore, here are a few Orthodox Christian videos from Youtube that I do promote, not for language as children look beyond words, but for the Orthodox graphics:




Lastly, if you do use video playlists to cast quality Orthodox programs to your TV, here is a playlist I have compiled over the years. I welcome you to send me any additions to review. Thanks be to God for all things, and may He bless the diligent workers in His vineyard who try to produce accurate and uplifting videos.

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