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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Orthodox Games On-the-Go

Lately, we have needed quick, on-the-go Orthodox fun. Below is what we've come up with that has brought much joy to us all with very limited supplies! Give these ideas a try:

"I'm thinking of an Orthodox Saint...." - One person starts by offering a few clues about a certain Saint in mind. Possibly if they are a soldier, or queen along with a detail of two from their life or martyrdom, relics or miracle stories. The person who guesses correctly, young or old, gets to go next!
This is a fun game for car rides or while waiting in line!

"Name that Saint" - This game is also great for a group. Call two children/adults up front, to stand side by side. The moderator begins by flashing these Orthodox cards to both at the same time and slightly cover the name.  The person wins the card by shouting out the correct Saint first. Keep count of which two people in the group have won the most correctly, for a final showdown. Winning is not as important as of course, brotherly sportsmanship!
An alternative is to have kids challenge the adults for two teams!

**Consider giving a prize, like an Orthodox chant CD or Book, Prayer rope, etc**
"Orthodox Charades "- Begin by writing down a single word that comes to mind about Orthodoxy on small strips of paper, to be folded and added to a basket. For example, "Jesus Prayer, Incense, Metanoia/Prostration, Martyr, Unction, Bishop, Icon, Altar, Monk, Prayer Rope, Mandili/Headscarf, etc"  Keep in mind you can use any language your group speaks! Sitting in a circle, or semi-circle begin with the first person who draws a word and must act it out in gestures for all to guess it without speaking! The person to guess correctly goes next, or play in teams and keep score of correct answers in a minute!

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