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Monday, August 20, 2012

Show & Tell from the Altar

A Very Popular Activity
Using the handout below, consider introducing your young people to many of the items from the altar that they rarely get to see. Start with pictures if you'd like and ask your local priest to invite the kids for a close-up encounter! Can they find those items on the page? He can remove them and bring them to the Solea, or kids can stand at the royal doors and point to objects they'd like to see.

Here are a few items to identify and DISCUSS! (If you need more on the meaning of an item, its location in Scripture, or its name in Greek, please e-mail me as I have a great reference book of these things!)

The Altar itself as Paradise and the Holy of Holies
Antimension cloth to serve Liturgy on
Identify the Place of oblation Prothesis
Lance - Knife, double-edged spear which the soldier pierced Christ with on the cross
Star - placed over the Disk, as star which stood over Bethlehem at birth of Christ
Paten or Disk manger for Christ
Spoon - as the Angel used tongs to take the live coal to touch Isaiah's lips to take away his sins
Sponge - to dry chalice, but also as it was filled with vinegar for Christ on the Cross
Zeon - vessel for boiling water, as water and blood came from Christ's side, also our warm faith/zeal
Blessing Cross - always with right hand like Christ
Fans of Seraphim & Cherubim Angels surrounding God's throne

Any relics in reliquary?
Hand Censer -often without bells
Full Censer - Used by Aaron in the temple (1 Chronicles 23:13) Today with 12 bells for Apostles
Incense (smell!) Often handmade, for our prayers to rise to heaven
Holy Altar Table Made of stone (see 1 Cor 10:4), wrapped in clean white cloth as Christ was, and contains relics of Martyrs inside. Is also Golgatha where Christ sacrificed Himself, and His tomb)
Gospel (Find the 4 Evangelists) Christ, the Word, whom came into the world
Bishop's Throne
Bishop's Crown
Iconostasis – the curtain which divided the Tabernacle of the Old Testament into two parts, the Holy Place and the Holy of Holies. Remember it was torn in two at the Crucifixion of Christ?
Vigil Lamp with oil- The oil symbolizes the peace and mercy of God. The lamps in front of Saints show how they became the “light of the world”

Priests Vestments - another activity with so much meaning! The cuffs, the stole, the girdle!

Have fun - and ask a small quiz all together to see who can remember the names of the items!

Click Here for the Altar Game Handout

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