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Saturday, March 10, 2018

Lenten Crafts: Pascha Candles

Have you prepared a "Lambatha, or Pascha Candle" with your children yet for 2018? It is customary among the Greek Orthodox that the Godparents do so, and they give it as a surprise for their godchildren as the night of the Resurrection approaches. This candle has to be NEW, and will only be used for Pascha and 40 days afterward!

Often these can be purchased with stuffed animals and ribbons, but we aim to use small icon stickers, wax decals, and symbols from our faith instead. Beeswax is an ideal offering, however white is also fitting for the Resurrection if this is what your parish offers.

Here are a few symbols to incorporate:
A small icon of the Resurrection
A Cross
Three Crosses
Alpha and Omega
IC XC NIKA (Jesus Christ Conquers)
The "X" and P"
Christ is Risen

Here is a sample graphic to print on labels. If anyone else has done this craft before, please share your advice. I found the following links that were helpful:


Secondly, a thought was offered to decorate the small plastic cup that is often used to catch the wax from burning little hands.

Or thirdly, you could decorate a small white lantern to take the "Holy Fire" home. This is helpful protection from the wind as well during processions. We even had our "myrrhbearing girls" carry these.


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