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Sunday, December 11, 2011

My Favorite Orthodox Encyclopedia

I have to say, I am so excited and enthused again by one of the very special and very fat books on my nightstand that it made me get out of bed to convey its value to the rest of you. At 8 months pregnant, trust me, I am not getting paid in any way to tell you these things! I truly enjoy reading theology books of all kinds, and books about the Saints as much as any of you...but one book that has NEVER FAILED ME is this one.

Every time I want to access more info on an upcoming Saint or about relics or history I reach for "Evloyeite." by Mother Nektaria McLees. I don't think there is quite any book or resource like it. No Synaxarion, or compilation of the Lives of the Saints, offers what this book does.

  • Detailed stories from the lives of the Saints
  • Maps and directions to venerate holy sites
  • Miracles from the Ecumenical Councils
  • An index of Saints with their corresponding feastdays and location
  • Rare pictures of monasteries, relics, special icons
  • Chapters dedicated to islands, including Mount Athos!
  • Saints from many Orthodox ethinc backgrounds - not just Greek
  • Factual historic information about battles, and Emperors
  • Modern day healings and miracles
  • Actual quotes from the Saints themselves
  • Several Apolytikion hymns to the Saints in English
  • Simple language that is an absolute joy to read

This is NOT a mere  travel book. This is an extremely valuable resource for our families.

Tonight I thoroughly enjoyed the chapter on Corfu and Saint Spyridon. The author took the effort to include the actual words of Saint Spyridon at the First Ecumenical Council as he stood up to explain the Holy Trinity with a clay brick in his hand. This is the famous miracle of the brick exuding the three substances it was made of - fire, water and clay. A miracle that returned hundreds of Arian heretics back to the Church....all by a simple humble Bishop of the 3rd-4th century. Or, did you know that today they process the incorrupt relics of Saint Spyridon through the island four times a year UPRIGHT, seated on a Bishop's throne? Pretty cool stuff!

This book makes a fantastic gift. Send it to everyone - your Orthodox friends, a godparent, priest, etc. You'll find it for sale in many places.

From my nightstand to yours, I hope it brings you the same joy as it has brought to our family!


Eleni said...

Here's the link to Spyridon Greek Orthodox Church in Corfu. This is so cool!!! Take a virtual tour of the church (360 degrees). You can turn around in the street and see the icon shop that sells gold and silver icons, go up in the bell tower and get close enough to see the lettering on the bell, go through the church and up to the iconostasis, & go behind it to see where his relics are held.


(Scroll down to "Start the Virtual Tour")

Eleni said...
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