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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Orthodox Game: Swap Seats

Here's another fun group game for kids and teens that can be tailored to our Orthodox faith and gets everyone moving! Begin by creating a circle with chairs facing in and totaling one less than the number of kids you have, including yourself. Then start by having everyone take a seat, except you who begins in the middle. Explain that a question will be presented by the person in the middle, and if it applies to them, they are asked to swap seats. Whoever is left standing without finding a seat, becomes the person in the middle.

For example...

"Whoever is wearing a cross around their neck...." Go!
"Anyone who has been baptized an Orthodox Christian..." Go!
"Whoever has white socks on..."
"If your Patron Saint is in September..."
"If you own a Bible..."
"Anyone who has brown hair..."
"If you know what Theotokos means..."
(be sure to follow up by asking for the answer)

If anyone leaves the group, you'll have to remove a chair. Remember, no sharing seats, and no one can take their same seat if asked to move. This game can even be played with large groups.

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