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Thursday, June 25, 2009

From the Holy Mountain

Here's an excellent SHORT book in PDF format by Geronda Ephraim from 1991 - absolutely worth reading over and over again- (I had never seen it before it person )

If you don't have time for it all... scroll to the sections of interest to you personally!

Call from the Holy Mountain


Elizabeth @ The Garden Window said...

**Thank you** so much for posting this link !!

Maria said...

Thank you!

Athanasia said...

My spiritual brother (a greatschema monk) and I read through this book together. What a blessing to have him explain things to me that I did not understand. Glory to God.

I am so glad you shared this.

Are there others?

Has said...

This document has now been deleted. Is there any chance of finding it uploaded anywhere else... say, on your website? (I'm not sure what intellectual property law applies, but would love to read it)

Anonymous said...

I just found it after G-searching: http://www.docstoc.com/docs/33745831/A-Call-from-the-Holy-Mountain

Rizwan ali said...

nice posting thanks for sharing

Admission in university said...

best post The Holy Mountain in blog thanks for sharing

Sam said...

I used to live at Saint Anthony's. I picked up "A Call from the Holy Mountain" one day and began reading it. It didn't sound anything like my elder, so I asked Fr. Paisios about it. He took a look at it and came to the same conclusion. So, he asked Geronta Ephraim the next day if he had ever given such a talk, or given a blessing for this to be transcribed. Geronta Ephraim replied that he had never heard of it, and so couldn't have given his blessing for it. He didn't know anything about it. The book was published by the former ROCA monastery in Blanco, TX. I'm sorry that I cannot offer you any further information as to who the real author is, as I have no idea. Perhaps it was one of the monks from Blanco. Hope this helps.

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