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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Holy Numbers

Learning to Count:
The Orthodox Numbers

For children learning to count, or even teens who need a good challenge, this activity opens our eyes to the many ways our Lord sanctifies numbers.

This idea was inspired by an Orthodox Saint who during his martyrdom, brought to mind something holy for each horrible act against him. While they cut off each toe or finger, he praised God according to the number, finding a way to glorify our Creator. Can anyone help me remember this Saint's name?

Here's how the activity works: Begin by explaining that as the adult or leader, you will call one number at a time, and ask for your children/teens to respond with a correlating event from the Bible, a Saints life, or element from our faith. You can go in order, or be more spontaneous. However, don't move on until your group has thought of everything it can for that number! Here are a few examples...

1 - One God, One Church, One Faith, One Messiah, One leper healed who thanked God, Prayers of 1st Hour

2 - Mary & Joseph, Paul & Silas, Two animals of every kind in Arc, Brothers James and John, Parable of Two Sons

3 - Holy Trinity, The Hebrew Children, Noah's 3 sons, 3 Fathers Abraham-Isaac-Jacob, 3 Angels visited Abraham, Days of Jonah in the belly of the whale, Days of Christ in the depths of hades, 3 Magi, 3 Stars of Panagia's ever-virginity, Prayers of 3rd Hour, Peter denied Christ 3 times, Christ breathed His last breath on the cross at 3:00pm, 3 Apples picked by St Euphrosynos, 3 Apples given to St Irene Chrysovilantou, 3 Daughters of St Sophia, Newly baptized child/adult receives Body & Blood 3 times in a row

4 - Gospels, 4 Corners of the Earth,Lazarus in the tomb for 4 Days

5 - Holy Virgins who made it into the Kingdom with enough oil, Jesus fed 5 thousand with 5 loaves

6 - Days to work, Stone Jars at Wedding at Cana, Prayers of 6th Hour, 6 Winged Angels

7 - Days of Creation, Sacraments, 7 angels 7 plagues, 7 Fruits of Holy Spirit,7th Day of Rest, 7 Ecumenical Counsels

8 - 8th Day after Pascha symbolizing eternity, 8 Byzantine Tones to Chant

9 - Lepers who didn't return to thank God, Prayers of 9th Hour, Holy Spirit descended at 9am, 9 months of Panagia carrying Christ in her womb

10 - Virgins waiting for the Bridegroom, # of Lepers cleansed, 10 Commandments

12 - Tribes of Israel, Apostles, Prayers of the 12th Hour, Christ crucified at 12:00 noon, Jews led out of Egypt at midnight, Maybe Christ would come as thief in the night at midnight, 12 baskets of leftover bread from miracle with loaves

40 - Days of Flood, Days Moses ascended Mountain, Years of Jews wandering the desert, Years of reign of King David, Days Elijah traveled until he reached Horeb, Years of Reign of Saul,Years of reign of Soloman, Days Christ was tempted in desert, Days Christ appeared after Resurrection before Ascension, Days of Fast before Christmas, Days of Fast before Pascha, 40-Days of mourning(Memorial Service), 40 Martyrs of Sebaste, 40 Day Churching of Baby

50 - Days after Resurrection for Pentecost

Millions - the Saints!

You can use this game to compete in small groups, with each answer earning a point, or just play for fun on a road trip! Either way, it should encourage our learning and hopefully remind us of the many wonders of our Lord and God. (tip: use a Bible search engine online for assistance)


Anonymous said...

I believe that holy Martyr was St. James the Persian...

Mihai said...

Great Martyr James the Persian - Nov 27/Dec 10


Elenie said...

Yes! That's it ~ St James the Persian!

When the executioners severed the thumb of St. James's right hand, he said: ``Even a vine is pruned in this manner, so that in time a young branch may grow.''

At the severing of his second finger, he said: ``Receive also, O Lord, the second branch of Thy sowing."

At the severing of his third finger, he said: ``I bless the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.''

At the severing of his fourth finger, he said: ``O Thou who acceptest the praise of the four beasts [symbols of the four evangelists], accept the suffering of the fourth finger.''

At the severing of the fifth finger, he said: ``May my rejoicing be fulfilled as that of the five wise virgins at the wedding feast.''

During the severing of the sixth finger, he said: ``Thanks be to Thee, O Lord, Who at the sixth hour stretched out Thy most pure arms on the Cross, that Thou hast made me worthy to offer Thee my sixth finger.''

At the severing of the seventh finger, he said: ``Like David who
praised Thee seven times daily, I praise Thee through the seventh finger severed for Thy sake.''

At the severing of the eighth finger, he said: ``On the eighth day Thou Thyself, O Lord, wast circumcised.''

At the severing of the ninth finger, he said: ``At the ninth hour, Thou didst commend Thy spirit into the hands of Thy Father, O my Christ, and I offer Thee thanks during the suffering of my ninth finger.''

At the severing of the tenth finger, he said: ``On a ten-stringed harp I sing to Thee, O God, and thank Thee that Thou hast made me worthy to endure the severing of the ten fingers of my two hands, for the Ten Commandments written on two tablets.''

( Much thanks for re-connecting me to this great and Holy Saint!)

Mihai said...

Glad I could help!

magda said...

This sounds really neat. Right now, I have an English carol stuck in my head: http://www.hymnsandcarolsofchristmas.com/Hymns_and_Carols/first_good_joy_that_mary_had.htm

The version I remember has a slightly differing refrain: ... Good Lord, and blessed may He be; praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, to all eternity.

I thought of it because it involves numbers, and at each refrain is an opportunity to make the sign of the cross.

Pres. Kathy said...

Thanks for the awamzing lesson! I am keping everyting in a file so I can use when Niko gets a little older!

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