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Sunday, August 20, 2017

The Orthodox Alphabet

In need of a good road trip game or ice breaker for your youth? Try playing the "Orthodox Alphabet Game." This works with all ages and is a creative spin on the traditional game, "I'm going on a picnic and I'm bringing with me...apples, bananas, chips, donuts...etc "

Take turns adding to the alphabet something related to our Orthodox faith. Ask each person to repeat the previous letters until the whole alphabet is memorized. Get creative and have fun, without worrying about having the right supplies!

A is for ...? (Altar Boys)
B is for ...? (Beeswax)
C is for...? (Chanter)
D is for ... ?
E is for....Ecumenical Council (yes, one boy really said this!)
F is for... ?
G is for... ? (Great Schism)
H is for... ?
I is for... ? (Icons)
J is for... ?
K is for... ? (St. Katherine)
L is for... ?

Push the envelope by not repeating any answers, and only accept Church related words. Consider the books of the Bible, Orthodox Saints, our history, the Sacraments, liturgical words and even items. Feel free to post your list when you've completed the game, or share your most original answers. If you get stuck, check the comments for a few suggestions!

(Reposted from Aug 20, 2013)


Orthodox Education said...

One possible cheat sheet if you get stuck!

A is for altar boy
B is for beeswax, baptism, etc
C is for chanter, confession, etc
D is for Divine Liturgy, dogma, etc
E is for Ecumenical Council, Ephiphany
F is for Fire (the Holy Fire)
G is for Gospel
H is for Hymnology
I is for Icon
J is for Jesus, or Evangelist John
K is for St Katherine
L is for Lord
M is for Metanoia, Martyr,Monastery
N is for Nouna (godmother), Narthex
O is for Orthodox, oil
P is for Panagia, prayer, prosforo
Q is for quiet time
R is for Repentance, Royal Doors...
S is for Saint
T is for Tonsure, Transfiguration
U is for Holy Unction
V is for vigil
W is for Holy Water
X is for St Xenia
Y is for yeast for prosforo
Z is for zeal

::Sylvia:: said...

Another great idea Elenie!! Thanks for sharing!

BTW, I love the post before this as well, Elder Porphyrios is very dear to me. :)

Off topic: Have you ever been to see Geronda Ephraim in AZ?

Orthodox Education said...

Hi Sylvia, I have not had the opportunity yet to visit Arizona, although my husband has to receive Geronda's blessing. How about you?

I think we'll skip out on Disney Land and take a family trip there in the future :)

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